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Tencent Announces Monster Hunter Online - MMO on the Cry Engine 3

Tencent Announces Monster Hunter Online - MMO on the Cry Engine 3

By  Brendon Ngan - April, 18th, 2013 at 2 pm
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Behold fellow monster hunters, a new MMO based on Capcom's Monster Hunter will be coming out soon on the PC, which will utilise Crytek's Cry Engine 3. This new game was announced earlier today at a conference held by Chinese publisher, Tencent, which also bodes bad news since the game is only scheduled for release in China. However, this doesn't mean that the game will not step outside of Asia as this is a massive stepping towards a western release of a Monster Hunter MMO, the first one being Monster Hunter Frontier which released in Japan way back in 2007 and for the PC and in 2011 for the Xbox 360.

Titled Monster Hunter Online, the new MMO will be developed by Capcom who will be using the advance Cry Engine 3 by Crytek, which was used to develop Crysis 3. Tencent (owners of Riot Games of League of Legends) themselves will be exclusively publishing the game for mainland China with no signs of the game leaving the region. Not only will this serve as the first time Chinese players can slay the massive monsters online with friends, but it also serves as a new relationship between Japan and China with hopes of future Japanese MMOs localised in Mainland China.

Tencent has released the first trailer for Monster Hunter Online, which shows us the beauty of the world of Monster Hunter and the powerful Cry Engine 3 at work.

Tencent has stated that the game will retain the fast paced action combat and will feature the full Monster Hunter experience of hunting oversized monsters, crafting equipment and collecting materials. There were a few problems with the release of Monster Hunter Frontier in that the default keyboard controls were inadequate and that a controller was needed to properly play the game. Ma Xiaoyi, Vice President of Tencent, has promised that the keyboard controls for Monster Hunter Online will be more user friendly and that the controller itself will remain unchanged from the Japanese release. 

The use of the Cry Engine 3 will bring the monsters and environments of the game to life with more ferocity than ever. Previous games in the series weren't technically amazing and had little graphical leaps between each game, but the new engine will prove a much better graphical experience. Now with the Cry Engine 3, the environments will feature a full real time weather system, dynamic lighting, a day and night system, soft shadows and monsters having more than 1500 polygons! We're not quite sure what that means exactly, but you can never have too many polygons. Monster Hunter Online will surely look amazing and will still follow the Monster Hunter formula we all expect and love. 

The game will include new monsters, one of which is shown to be a large Beaver, on top of some current favourites including the Rathian, Congalala​ and Plesioth. In addition, new areas and locations will be seen in the game as well as a new base of operations where you can gear up before the hunt and meet with friends. The new hub will be called Milad Village and is seen extensively in the above video. 

Tencent has announced that there will be a beta phase for Monster Hunter Online held in June this year to stress test the servers and receive feedback. The exact date of the tests will be announced in May. 

You can visit the official website for Monster Hunter Online where you will be greeted with an amazing animation.




Official Monster Hunter Online website

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