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Bakemonogatari coming to the UK?

Bakemonogatari coming to the UK?

By  Sam - May, 10th, 2013 at 12 pm
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It seems MVM may be publishing Bakemonogatari (along with its sequel Nisemonogatari) on DVD and Blu Ray soon! The odd series about a young man who survives a vampire attack (then finds others being haunted by demons) could, possibly, be seeing an August release according to a listing on anime-on-line .

The Bakemonogatari Blu ray is scheduled for an August 26th release, where as the DVD will come on June 10th.

Good news for UK anime fans! The cover art is taken from the anime-on-line website and may not be the final cover art. I'm still more impressed I managed to type Bakemonogatari correctly the first time.

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