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Join the Best Place to Work for Anime Fans!

Join the Best Place to Work for Anime Fans!

By  Dan Carter - May, 15th, 2013 at 8 pm
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We're GoBoiano. We bring Anime Culture to the world!

Want to become part of a team focused on delivering industry-changing experiences? Look no further!

GoBoiano is a startup global conglomerate focused on bringing anime culture to the entire world. We've come a long way in a short space of time - originally a small community forum built by friends with a vision, GoBoiano is constantly growing and evolving, putting together the pieces and building the partnerships to enable us to become a media titan within the industry. The best part?

We're powered by the community!

At GoBoiano, we're constantly focused on crafting beautiful experiences revolving around the things we love. As a team that's truly passionate about the ani-cultural scene, we strive towards accomplishing our goal of bringing anime culture to the world - day by day, step by step! Of course, this sets the bar extremely high within our organisation as we target both online and offline outlet and avenues. However - we're ready for the challenge. Who better to carry this gargantuan task out than a team of anime fans with the drive and talent in multiple areas - from branding to execution - and our committed and experienced corporate partners? Together, we can accomplish anything!

Working at GoBoiano means immersing yourself in what you love every single day. We understand the importance of job satisfaction and really push to work with people that love anime culture as much as we do! Working alongside talented and unique individuals towards a shared goal, collaborating to leave a truly meaningful mark on the world - this really motivates us to be the best!

If Facebook's motto is "Move Fast and Break Things", then
GoBoiano's motto is "Telling a Great Story Without the Fillers".



We believe in building things with great value and a purpose that can exceed that. We don't believe in the trends of shipping an incomplete product or service, and then improving it later down the road. Because of our shared bonds and connections with the community, we focus on making a great product early on, then making it even greater in further iterations! Speaking of Connections:


GoBoiano is Built Around Making Connections


A lot of our core focus is centered around building connections of all varieties. We maintain this outlook on all of our products and services that are currently in production, as well as when we're building our team and partner relationships. We're looking forward to forging more relationships with this community and providing them with the ability to create powerful and meaningful connections of their own, all through GoBoiano! When you become a part of the GoBoiano team, you're connecting with our company's values, network, and most importantly - becoming a member of our family.


We are Searching for the Missing Links!

Because our core mission is just so big in scope and demand, a role within our team comes with big shoes to fill. So far, we've done extremely well bringing on a talented core team and some big game-changing players, however we're still missing some key members in our family! 


So what are we looking for?


Front-End Developer

We're currently searching for a developer with an excellent aesthetic eye and previous experience in front-end development and product design. Our Front-End Developer will need to be a team player and have the interpersonal skills to work within a small and dedicated team, developing a product that is both scalable and flexible. Communication and respecting deadlines is a must, while understanding the goals and strategies behind each project will allow an increase in overall productivity. Our ideal candidate will have high energy levels and the ability to think on a high level about product strategy, and not simply "How it should look". You need to really understand what it is we're building and offer insights and opinions to the table.


Product Designer

Being a Designer at GoBoiano means bringing the outlets of our multi-faceted brand to life in a gorgeous and intuitive manner. You'll be expected to utilise your full range of product design skills to create design flows and experiences that are simple and elegant for our users. Product Designers will also collaborate closely with our Sales and Marketing Team in order to create high-level strategic decisions on moving forward with product designs. Our ideal Product Designer will have high energy levels and the ability to think on a high level about product strategy, not simply about "How it should look". They need to really understand what they're designing. 




If you're interested in being a part of our amazing team and want to build a really incredible product, send a brief email to kais@goboiano.com telling us a little about yourself, attached with a resume and a link to your personal website or LinkedIn profile if it's applicable.




Of course, we're also looking for staff to join our wonderful Media and Marketing teams, if you're interested then email dan@goboiano.com or ronnie@goboiano.com with some personal information and a portfolio or LinkedIn profile!




We're looking forward to adding more awesome connections to our family! Leave a comment below or shoot us an email if you have any questions or concerns!

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