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Site Changes and GoBoiano 2.0!!!

Site Changes and GoBoiano 2.0!!!

By  - August, 26th, 2012 at 8 pm
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Hey everyone! We have a big announcement to make! Our team has been discussing this for a while, and we have decided to shut down many parts of the current site in the up coming days and not reopen it until we launch the 2.0 version. As of now, we are currently operating on a glitchy, beta version of the site, and we feel it's time we take it down since we've tested things out enough. We honestly did not expect to receive such good reception from the beta version, and are very thankful for all of the people that have supported us!  You have given us wonderful feedback about the site and what you want from GoBoiano! So now we want to take down some parts of the site which have been glitchy and causing errors, and relaunch when we have a fully finished, non-glitchy product.. We know many of you have been active users and may be disappointed in the decision to bring down some beta site features, but doing so will allow our devgelopers to focus 100% of their time on the new platform, and get the full GoBoiano experience to you that much sooner. The new, full version of the site, which we are calling "GoBoiano 2.0," will incorporate all the features of the current site without the glitches and errors, as well as tons of new features, some which we have come up with and others which you, the community, have suggested to us. Such as additional support for other languages, which we will have working in 2.0.  We cannot wait to bring this fully functional platform to you and promise to work all hours of the day to get it to you as soon as possible! ^_^

While some areas of the site, such as the forum and login system, have been the cause of many problems for our users, our news has receive massive traction online and tons of support for you all. So we have decided to leave up the News section of the site for the time being, and will iron out the last few glitches it may have. While we are disabling the Go! button and comments, you can still read, follow, and share news stories from GoBoiano, and we hope you continue to do so! All of our networks (Tumblr, FB, G+, Twitter, and Pinterest) will continue to be active and updated with the lastest news content for our followers to enjoy, so please continue to follow us there! We have received such wonderful feedback from the community for our beta site that we are going to be doing a small private betas for different parts GoBoiano 2.0 as they are completed, for interested members of the community. Stay tuned to the site and our social networks for information on how to sign up for those betas in the upcoming weeks. As we continue to develop the new platform, we will be sure to keep our fans up to date with the latest information and when we will have it finished.

You fans have all been amazing to us throughout this experience, and we hope everyone continues to support GoBoiano as we grow into a bigger and better company, with the goal of serving our fans with the best content! You can find a link to all of GoBoiano's networks below to keep track of all our content. If you have any questions please leave a comment and we'll reply as best we can, or click on 'Contact Us' below to send an email our way. Thank you for all the support, and see you in 2.0! ^_^



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